[Marxism] Noam Chomsky says US should stay in Syria to protect the Kurds

RKOB aktiv at rkob.net
Fri Dec 21 08:02:23 MST 2018

No doubt, this tells a lot about the "anti-imperialism" of a) Chomsky 
and b) the YPG/SDF.

By the way: the YPG/SDF sent yesterday two leaders to Paris to negotiate 
with Macron about getting support of French imperialism after the U.S. 
let them down (what a surprise! who could have seen this coming that the 
U.S. is no loyal supporter?!)

I am sure that the YPG/SDF will also intensify negotiations with Russian 
imperialism and the Assad regime.

They are always looking for a master to serve (in exchange for some 
concessions/material aid). The masters change, the rotten method remains 
the same.

Supporting the Syrian revolutionary masses from the beginning in 2011 
was never an option for them.

In itself, this is not surpring. We have seen the same bourgeois method 
with the Barzani's in Iraq etc. What is surprising (or may be not so 
much) is the Western and Russian Stalinist, libertarian and "Trotskyist" 
left which were praising them in all those years!

The oppressed Kurdish people have certainly not deserved such sell-outs 
and mercaneries like the YPG/SDF at their leadership! Hopefully they 
will push them aside and create a better leadership which will fight 
honestly for national self-determination of the Kurdish people - side on 
side with the popular masses in the Arab world fighting against 
oppression and dictatorships!

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