[Marxism] Democracy Now discussion on will ISIS come back after a US troop withdrawal

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 19:39:46 MST 2018

*AMY* *GOODMAN**:* Finally, before we go to break, Yazan, I wanted to ask
you about President Trump saying that ISIS has been destroyed, many people
calling this that George W. Bush moment when he said “mission accomplished”
in Iraq.

*YAZAN** AL-**SAADI**:* Yeah, I mean, it’s like—you know, it’s a very
Trumpian moment. I mean, he said it on Twitter. Wonderful, great.

I don’t think, I mean, whether—regardless if the U.S. remains or leaves,
what is the problem in battling ISIS is the same problem we’ve been seeing
since the start of the global war on terror 17 years ago. And you cannot
defeat extremism and terrorism with war. You need to offer alternatives.
You need to deal with the core issues that are driving these things, which
is political issues, social issues, economic issues—true liberation and
representation for the people and communities. And this is a major failure
we’re seeing, whether from, you know, the states—not just the U.S., I’m
talking about nation-states, internationally.

And the problem, as well, is that the global war on terror mentality,
discourse, ethos has been appropriated by a lot of governments worldwide.
And it’s been utterly destructive. I mean, I was thinking about it. There
is like a tragic reminiscence of like al-Qaeda. It seems like al-Qaeda was
a cup of tea compared to what we’re seeing today. And I do think we’re
going to see worse things tomorrow, because the key issues aren’t being
dealt with, and these powers that be are really not interested in dealing
with them, because this means a complete change of the *status quo*. This
means changing core issues, whether it’s discrimination, injustice—all
these things. So, they’re not interested. And actually, they benefit by
having this continual enemy. They always benefit, and we get screwed as


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