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Sat Dec 22 10:15:51 MST 2018

On 12/22/18 11:33 AM, Kevin Lindemann and Cathy Campo via Marxism wrote:
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Roland Boer and Grover Furr constitute the unreconstructed Stalinist 
wing of the left that has largely been bypassed by young people today 
except for the Maoist groupies who hardly exist outside of the net. 
Recently, one of the best known of them, the Red Guards based in Austin, 

Frankly, those on the left who have given Boer some traction need to 
have their head examined especially HM that published one of his addled 
books on Christianity and Marxism. I know a bit about this theology 
crap, having majored in religion in Bard with a senior thesis on St. 
Augustine's City of God.

Boer is a deeply reactionary figure in my view, reminding me in many 
ways of the Bloomsbury intellectuals who lionized Stalin in the 1930s. A 
recent blog post on Boer's Stalin's Mustache blog defends the crackdown 
on Maoist students who have taken up the cause of workers.

Besides HM, you have the Isaac Deutscher prize jury presenting him with 
an award a few years ago. Poor Isaac Deutscher, even with his 
adaptations to Stalinism, must have been spinning in his grave over this.


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