[Marxism] Imperial Interventions, Withdrawal from Syria and Self-Determination

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 24 07:17:04 MST 2018

If you listen to what a certain segment of the left has to say, Assad is 
the only legitimate leader of an undivided Syria and therefore the Kurds 
should be seen as terrorist separatists who should either surrender or 
be crushed. The fact that they are an oppressed people with a right to 
self-determination and who are trying to implement leftist ideals on the 
ground instead of only talking about them on the internet seems to 
matter little to them. Their logic seems to be: the US invaded Assad’s 
Syria; Assad has a right to defend himself and his country; the YPG 
allied itself with the US; the YPG is the enemy. This is a kind of knee 
jerk anti-imperialism that casts aside any sense of human decency, and 
presumably also of irony, in that they want to defend the oppressed by 
opposing the Empire that right now is the only thing standing between 
the oppressed and carnage. They seem to participating in a who’s more 
anti-imperialist game where anyone who doesn’t immediately oppose US 
presence anywhere automatically loses their leftist credentials.


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