[Marxism] Declining US military superiority

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 09:12:11 MST 2018

I have no issues with the article's main thesis but it's a really
impossible task to do comparisons. The purpose of the Chinese and Russian
militaries, leaving aside nuclear WMD, is to defend their homelands and a
*limited* regional influence/domination.  It is not to protect/police
Imperialist interests internationally. The number of troops each side has
is wholly irrelevant to this question because they are only so good as each
countries ability to project those troops to foreign shores. The Russians
have done in a very narrowly focused area where they can concentrate their
very limited navy and air force power. That is in Syria and, if one wants,
the Crimea. The Chinese have exactly one foreign shores military base, and
that's Djibouti near the outlet of the Suez Canal (around 700 yards from
the US base there it seems).

That the Chinese and Russian have fighters as or more advanced than the US
is also irrelevant as they can't really support an overseas defensive or
preemptive attack on US forces. They simply don't have enough and by enough
I don't mean jets, I mean the logistics to support such an effort.
Conversely in a war with China the US simply has no logistics, to "invade"
mainland Asia. It can really done because the Chinese defensive capability
based on their own land, would be near impossible to overcome.

So we'd have to look at real world scenarios instead of comparing the
military gonads of each state. The only real world conflict I can see
arising is over the Chinese claim to the entire South Chinese Sea (SCS).
The U.S. is legally/technically correct that the Chinese claim...a claim
first elucidated by the Chinese Imperial Court in the 18th or 19th
Centuries I think...is an artificial claim that violates the sovereignty of
every country bordering the sea. The Chinese have no tried to enforce this
notion to my knowledge except rhetorically. No country in the world has
asked the Chinese regime to sale through it with their merchant vessels
(and by this I mean all the bordering countries AND S. Korea and Japan who
use it).

Secondly, the SCS countries are all taking the *opposite* position the
belligerent US is taking. Instead of trying to force the issue, these
nations are *negotiating* with the Chinese over economic and military
limits, etc. But the US does have the strongest navy in the world and
outnumbers the Chinese  in both tonnage and capability by a factor of 10 to
1 or more (the 'number' of ships is about even but that's only true when
you compare small ships of the Chinese to the larger ones the US has). At
any rate, no country in the region, even Japan, really wants the US to
force this issue.


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