[Marxism] Why I’m Suing Max Blumenthal and Benjamin Norton – Sulome Anderson – Medium

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 24 14:11:54 MST 2018

On 12/20/18 5:42 PM, Louis Proyect wrote:
> I am against leftists using legal threats to settle disputes but given 
> Blumenthal's threats against the SPLC, I might look the other way this 
> time.
> https://medium.com/@sulome/why-im-suing-max-blumenthal-and-benjamin-norton-9357fb68aa31 

After Sulome Anderson posted this article, a satirical Twitter account 
called "Ax Blumenthal" posted a reply to it on Medium that was obviously 
just as satirical as his Tweets:

In case you haven’t heard, Sulome Anderson is suing me.

But if you think a guy who cries at a Hamas checkpoint is going to be 
cowed by a lady who reports critically on Hezbollah on their home turf 
in Lebanon despite the fact that they kidnapped her dad and kill people 
for fun, you’re wrong!

I ain’t scared!

My lawyer is Bill Moran who has never lost a case or a job. He defeated 
and censored the Southern Poverty Law Center on my behalf and it only 
cost me $10 (or 689 рубль).


Apparently some Greek Assadist who works with the disgusting Tim 
Anderson in Australia didn't get that the Ax Blumenthal piece was satire 
as Idrees Ahmad reported on FB:

"Ax Blumenthal" is a satirical account that posts exaggerated versions 
of the kinds of paranoid, conspiracy theories that Blumenthal and Borton 
[Ben Norton] frequently spin.

Maria Nikolakaki is a Greek academic who had earlier organised a 
conference on refugees with the keynote speaker Tim Anderson, a 
pro-Assad conspiracy theorist and convicted terrorist. She believes 
Blumenthal and Borton are "heroes".

Stephen Zunes recently posted Sulome Anderson's Medium article, 
announcing her defamation lawsuit against Blumenthal and Borton. Ax 
Blumenthal wrote a satirical response with an exaggerated take on the 
kind of thing Blumenthal might write. The Greek academic took the 
satirical article, with all its self-incriminating ironies as real, and 
posted it as a retort to Zunes.

Read the Ax Blumenthal article below. It will make you laugh, and then 
it will make you cry. Because the mind that confused this for a serious 
response is entrusted with educating the Greek youth.

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