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My reading of this article is that it is unoriginal and predictable. It goes in search of things in a rather purile way. It’s like (for example) my saying  I really like Asheville, and a respondent goes in search of a traffic light that is not working, or a soda fountain that does not serve your favourite flavour, and on that basis produces insult-analysis on why liking Asheville is part of some capitalist conspiracy, counter-revolutionary and is dismissed. 
It’s rather tedious. 

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On 2018/12/25 21:11, Philip Ferguson via Marxism wrote:
> I'll take a look at the article.

I've sent it offlist. For those wanting a quick glance at a mid-2017 
version of the same thesis, prior to release of 2018 World Bank data, 
you can find it here: 



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