[Marxism] Georgia’s last popular presidential elections: Interview with Nino Khelaia | Lefteast

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 26 06:10:08 MST 2018

The overarching problem is that in the almost three decades since the 
fall of state socialism, Georgian political elites are still stuck in 
this rudimentary post-socialist condition, in which fundamental critique 
of political and economic order remains impossible; social and economic 
inequalities remain depoliticized; markets are still the favored 
solutions; ideas that nourish the elites and institutions come from 
international financial institutions, international organizations, or 
elsewhere; and most importantly, as in many post-socialist states, the 
fundamental question of why everything had to be privatized has not been 
addressed. On the other hand, the post-socialist-style, professionalized 
civil society organizations continue to provide their limited and 
ethically bounded conceptions of what democracy is, what civil society 
is, and what collective action can be. All this has significantly 
impeded the process of building wider solidarity structures or 
relationships that would make wider collective action possible.


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