[Marxism] Iraq’s post-ISIS campaign of revenge, and the inevitable boomerang

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 16:46:46 MST 2018

clip - "The corruption and cruelty of the state’s response to suspected
jihadis and their families seem likely to lead to the resurgence of the
terror group."

 “*isis* has always derived much of its dangerous appeal from the
corruption and cruelty of the Iraqi state.”

“We’re deleting thousands of families from Iraqi society,” the
official told me.
“This is not just revenge on isis. This is revenge on Sunnis.”

“If you are ten years old now, and you have no food, no assistance, and
your mother has to prostitute herself to survive, and the whole of Iraqi
society blames you because you were close to isis—in two, three, four
years, what are you going to do? It’s clear. The seeds for the next
conflict are all here.”

“The camps are a time bomb,” Younnis continued. “The fathers are in prison
or dead. The mothers are being raped. They will raise the kids accordingly,
and their sons will seek revenge. This won’t just affect Mosul, or Nineveh,
or Iraq. This will affect the whole world.”


or 68 minute podcast

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