[Marxism] How the 1960s civil rights and black power movements split on Israel

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How the 1960s civil rights and black power movements split on Israel

*Transnational Countries of Color*
by Michael R. Fischbach
296 pp. Stanford University Press. $25.95

*Excerpt of Chapter 3, titled “Reformers, Not Revolutionaries: the NAACP,
Bayard Rustin, and Israel.” Reprinted with permission fromStanford
University Press. <https://www.sup.org/books/title/?id=29556>*

Clip - The Black Power movement’s increasingly vocal support of the
Palestinian national liberation movement starting in mid-1967 did not just
engender public controversy among Jews and others who were accustomed to
widespread American support for Israel. These pro-Palestinian sentiments
also made traditional black civil rights leaders uneasy and put them on the
defensive for a number of reasons. By the time of the 1967 war, mainstream
black groups were already feeling marginalized by the Black Power movement.
They struggled to maintain the initiative at a time when the “classic”
civil rights struggle in the South was generally over and when Black Power
advocates were confronting institutional racism in the North along more
aggressive lines. While traditional civil rights groups worked within
interracial coalitions to change the system, Black Power militants spoke
openly of revolution against the system on their own without white allies.
They stressed a new, revolutionary black identity that understood blacks in
America as constituting an internal colony to be liberated, whereas civil
rights activists saw blacks as Americans, albeit second-class ones, but
fully capable of fighting for inclusion in the American system as equals.
Combined with the violent urban rebellions that rocked various inner cities
from 1964 to 1968, Black Power was posing a powerful threat to the
strategies and nonviolent tactics of traditional civil rights organizations
and their vision of black identity in America. These attitudes were
reflected in the differing stances the two sets of black activists adopted
toward the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Full article - https://mondoweiss.net/2018/12/rights-movements-israel/

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