[Marxism] Russia without Putin

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 28 19:33:10 MST 2018

Louis,           My postings never get through. I get a message that my post is under moderator's approval and it never gets posted. It happened a number of times. I do not know what might be the technical problem. That is why I am posting to you. You may please post in the group.Regarding the subject cited above, here is my reaction:
"I had the opportunity to visit Russia on the invitation of my Indian friends in Moscow in August 2018. I had spent 2 weeks there and had discussions with a cross section of Russians. In an informal get together, with about a dozen Russians and a few Indians, the conversation turned to politics. They wanted to know what I think of Russia, after collapse of USSR. I replied that it is saddening to see that the welfare programs are being withdrawn. I told them that they should preserve what was good in Soviet times.One Russian lady, who is married to an Indian, asked me, "when are you going to get rid of Modi?"I said, the opinion polls indicate that he may not ride back to power in 2019."Don't be fooled. Our Putin and your Modi, will never step down. Whether we want or not, Putin manages to win elections. So is the case with Modi."As I understood from their conversation, they have nothing against socialism, but want socialism with democracy.In the regional elections held last month, the opposition, including communists have won more votes in many places, but strangely, Putin's candidates were declared elected. The vote percentage of Communists had gone up from 19.5% to 40% in many places. I cam back with a distinct feeling that Russia is set for a change.Vijaya Kumar Marla

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