[Marxism] Michael Neumann countering some of the foolish comments on Trump’s withdrawal from Syria

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 19:43:56 MST 2018

clip - The least foolish of these is that the battle against ISIS is not
won. No it isn't, and Trump's claim that it is, is plainly false. But to
harp on this is absurd.

For one thing, there isn't the slightest possibility that keeping US troops
in Syria would win the battle, or prevent an ISIS resurgence. ISIS'
ultimate strength lies, not in its Syrian or Iraqi enclaves, but in what
the West and Arab authoritarian governments have done to the peoples of the
region, and in the conditions in Muslim countries worldwide. These
conditions guarantee a literally unending stream of militants seeking
justice and revenge. The notion that 2000 US troops would affect this
dynamic is ludicrous. Equally foolish are the tiresome recommendations that
the underlying conditions be addressed. The sage pundits who say these
things know perfectly well that the West will never, ever address these
conditions: it can't, because they occur in sovereign states. It would take
a Western occupation of those states, involving hundreds of thousands of
troops for decades, to cure the injustices of the region, and even then
it's not clear that the economic basis for healthy societies exists. In
other words, whatever the West is going to do, whatever leadership it has,
ISIS won't be defeated. What then is the point of warning us that Trump's
withdrawal will not defeat ISIS?


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