[Marxism] Vanessa Beeley's website hosts holocaust denier interview

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Dec 29 17:01:25 MST 2018

As most of you know, 21st Century Wire is one of the primary dispensers 
of Assadist propaganda. It was founded by Patrick Henningsen, formerly 
an editor of Infowars. It is best known for Vanessa Beeley's articles 
that are usually the very first to establish talking points for 
Grayzone, Consortium News, Global Research and other hard-core outlets 
for Assadist propaganda. Besides Beeley, other contributors include 
Andre Vltchek and Tim Anderson.

In probably what is a "turn" for 21st Century Wire, Henningsen just 
conducted a softball interview with Nick Kollerstrom, a holocaust 
revisionist who started out as a fairly conventional leftist. In 2007, 
however, he began to argue that Zyklon B was only used as an insecticide 
at Nazi death camps rather than to kill Jews. According to Wikipedia, he 
followed this up with an article claiming that "alleged that Auschwitz 
had had art classes, a well-stocked library for inmates, and an elegant 
swimming pool where inmates would sunbathe at weekends while watching 
water polo."

The interview was a podcast and can be heard on 21st Century Wire. 
However, to spare you the extraneous material, I invite you to listen to 
the portion where Henningsen and Kollerstrom focus on the Judeocide.

I see a pattern developing. 21st Century Wire now joins UNZ Review as a 
purveyor of neo-Nazi propaganda. These are two high-profile conspiracist 
websites that many leftists with low IQs tend to gravitate to, along 
with other more harmless outlets like Consortium News, Global Research 
and WSWS.org.

This bears monitoring.

The Kollerstrom interview: 

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