[Marxism] Excellent critique of New Trans ideology by Australian feminist

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Leaving aside the fact that this video, clipped from a larger debate, is
clearly posted on a reactionary's YouTube account in order to justify
opinions that I imagine the speaker might even not endorse, using as a
title of the video "Bronwyn Winter roasts transgenderism", the argument
being presented is simply mistaken. It is built upon a straw man (no pun
intended) whereupon a youth discovers gender dysphoria as a symptom of
puberty. But that just isn't the reality, we have plenty of mainstream
media accounts, such as this one <https://youtu.be/kVmau1cM5TU> of children
showing gender dysphoria symptoms at five years old or younger. Pediatric
psychological and psychiatric literature and scholarship shows a pretty
uniform affirmation of trans children manifesting symptoms of gender
dysphoria at very younger ages than what this Bronwyn Winter suggests. Here
is a parent account from the American Psychiatric Association about a child
expressing these symptoms as young as 2 <

There certainly are challenging conversations to be had around transgender
issues. But my experience over and over with trans folk is that these are
individuals who are quite serious about their solidarity with those born of
the female sex regarding issues such as reproductive rights, pay equity,
and domestic violence. In terms of what is at stake and play here, it seems
like the following:

Trans folk, and particularly MtF trans women, seek rather basic and
sensible respect from a society that otherwise subjects them to significant
violence and brutality, particularly African descended trans women. The
proposition that someone would have a certain agency and decision in having
gender dysphoria, in other words "choosing" to be a trans woman, the
culmination of Winter's argument, is sophistry on the very face of it.
Nobody "chooses" a stigmatized and marginalized identity for the hell of
it, particularly when there are so many profound dangers inherent to gender
alignment surgeries. If somebody insists they feel like they need to take
on a very large number of medical procedures in order to become someone who
has a higher risk of rape, assault/battery, murder, homelessness, and
incarceration, the chances are that person knows the gravity of the
consequences and accepts them as part of living life how they truly feel
they should.

By contrast, Winter constructs arguments on a series of straw man
arguments, rarely citing anything besides anecdotal evidence, in order to
justify exclusionary verdicts. Her arguments fly in the face of decades of
pediatric medicine as well as adult medicine. They lend credence and
support to reactionaries who post her video on YouTube in a way arguments
against gay rights were promoted in another era.

On the face of it, whose case seems more fair?

Best regards,

Andrew Stewart

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