[Marxism] Anarchist speaks from Afrin

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I don't "view the entire opposition to Assad as sectarian".  However sectarian forces have become increasingly dominant within the rebel movement.

A key turning point was in 2014, when the non-sectarian Syrian Revolutionaries Front was attacked and suppressed by Jabhat al-Nusra.  The part of Idlib province that Nusra captured included Druze villages.  The Druze were forced to convert to Sunni Islam.  See:


Other rebel groups in Idlib province were either unwilling or unable to prevent Nusra's attack on the SRF and its forced conversion of the Druze.

Some of the SRF members who survived Nusra's attack fled to Afrin and later became part of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Chris Slee

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On 12/31/18 7:50 AM, Chris Slee via Marxism wrote:
> Secondly, he has support (if only as a lesser evil) from a significant section of the population, particularly the religious minorities who fear persecution by sectarian elements of the rebel movement.

Since you (or Tony Iltis, is there any difference?) view the entire
opposition to Assad as sectarian, this is a distinction without a
difference. Or is it a difference without a distinction?
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