[Marxism] Fwd: Bonus Intercepted Podcast: The Laundering of American Empire

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Feb 17 07:03:36 MST 2018

Jeremy Scahill: Professor Nikhil Singh, welcome to Intercepted.

Nikhil Singh: Thanks for having me.

JS: I want to start off by talking about one of the big themes in your 
latest book, the link between war-making and what you call race-making. 
Explain that.

NS: You know, I start the book with an epigraph from one of my favorite 
thinkers, who’s not that well known, a civil rights activist named Jack 
O’Dell. He said that, “the great through lines of American history run 
from the slave plantation to the ghetto, and the frontier to the 
Pentagon.” So, he’s really thinking about frontier war-making as a kind 
of formative national experience and then an internal security project 
that’s focused on a kind of anti-insurrectionary project aimed at slave 
revolts, essentially, but against a population that is seen as 
potentially threatening, that’s internal to the Republic.

So, both of those are projects that are defined in terms of state 
violence and war-making, that are fundamentally about alien populations: 
one, on the border, one in the interior. And so, thinking of those as 
through lines, thinking of those as kind of origin stories for the 
formation of the United States that have a kind of a longue durée, it’s 
something that I’m interested in and I’m kind of tracing in various ways 
throughout the book.


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