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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Feb 21 12:57:19 MST 2018

Marx's utterances were indeed full of meaning, logical and clear, but I 
have never seen a man whose bearing was so provoking and intolerable. To 
no opinion, which differed from his, he accorded the honor of even a 
condescending consideration. Everyone who contradicted him he treated 
with abject contempt; every argument that he did not like he answered 
either with biting scorn at the unfathomable ignorance that had prompted 
it, or with opprobrious aspersions upon the motives of him who had 
advanced it. I remember most distinctly the cutting disdain with which 
he pronounced the word "bourgeois"; and as a "bourgeois," that is as a 
detestable example of the deepest mental and moral degeneracy he 
denounced everyone that dared to oppose his opinion. Of course the 
propositions advanced or advocated by Marx in that meeting were voted 
down, because everyone whose feelings had been hurt by his conduct was 
inclined to support everything that Marx did not favor. It was very 
evident that not only he had not won any adherents, but had repelled 
many who otherwise might have become his followers.


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