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Fri Feb 23 10:48:40 MST 2018

Raoul Peck’s “The Young Karl Marx” opens on Friday, February 23 at the 
Metrograph in N.Y. and the Laemmle Royal in L.A., with a national 
release to follow. It is the story of how the youthful Marx and Engels 
became fast friends and worked together as a team to overcame the 
obstacles they faced in order to build the first communist organization 
in history based on a scientific analysis of the capitalist system. For 
millennia, the lower classes had always dreamed of overthrowing their 
oppressors and creating a new world based on freedom and equality but it 
was only in the 1840s that a theoretical basis for such a transformation 
was developed. At the risk of neglecting to add a spoiler alert, the 
film ends happily with Marx and Engels sitting down at a table to crank 
out the Communist Manifesto with Jenny Marx beaming down on them. That 
was a happy ending to the film even though capitalism lives on 
ghoulishly 170 years later. So, it is up to us to write our own happy 
ending today.

Much of the two hours of “The Young Karl Marx” entails events that will 
not be familiar to most people, including even someone like me who has 
been involved with Marxist politics since 1967. Adhering to the highest 
standards of historical accuracy, Peck and co-screenplay writer Pascal 
Bonitzer, who was the editor of Cahier du Cinema from 1969-1985 during 
its most rigorously Marxist phase, created an ensemble case that 
included characters such as Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Wilhelm Weitling, 
Arnold Ruge, Moses Hess, et al. Except for Proudhon, who perhaps some 
CounterPunch readers might recognize as a founding father of anarchism, 
these men are cloaked in obscurity today even though they were major 
political figures in the 1840s.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2018/02/23/the-young-karl-marx/

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