[Marxism] Gun regulation?

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 24 18:49:09 MST 2018

DW says, " Black rights were won without guns? Really?"

What I said was,  "Black civil rights and voting rights were won (to the extent that they were won) mostly with out guns.”
The word “mostly” is not just a weasel word.  I was aware that guns did play a role, for example the Deacons of Defence.
Nevertheless I must concede that DW has cited examples I was unaware of, the presence of guns in the headquarters of the SCLC,  and the experience in Chattanooga. I am glad to learn something new, even if it I have to do so in a very public way.

Does my suggestion that black civil rights and voting rights were won mostly without guns survive this new information?  I think there is room for argument.

The young people who sat in at lunch counters, did they carry guns?
The marchers from Selma to Montgomery, did they carry guns?
I am sure that the March on /Washington in 1963 was carried out without guns, although I cannot say that none of the demonstrators carried guns on their way to the march.  If I were compelled to speculate I’d say that for the most part they did not carry guns.  Perhaps someone can correct me on this point.
The three civil rights workers murdered in Mississippi, were they carrying guns?  Should they have been?  Would they have survived if they had been carrying guns?

On this issue of gun control I am most interested in the question of how we should respond to the anti-NRA movement among high school students.  Do we think this is mainly a reactionary movement?  
If a counter movement develops in the high schools opposed to further restrictions, who should be reach out to?  Who should we try to find common ground with?
If we want to find common ground with the anti-NRA young people we should probably avoid phrases like “...the anti-gun brain dead liberals…"

		ken h

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