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Ron Jacobs ronj1955 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 1 08:07:10 MST 2018

Louis wrote:
:Ron Jacobs:

One disturbing aspect of Mossaddessin?s text is his referral to the
support that the NCRI and PMOI [MEK] have received from various members
of the US government. Especially disturbing is his quoting of Daniel
Pipes, the neoconservative apologist for the worst of Israel?s
oppressive tactics in Palestine. One would think that he would see this
support for what it truly is: an attempt to manipulate these
organizations into doing Washington?s dirty work in replacing the
theocratic regime in Iran. Conversations I have had with grassroots
supporters of the PMOI, however, make it clear that the majority of its
members understand that their revolutionary vision of Islam is no more
palatable to US goals for the region than that of the fundamentalists."

my response:

Quoting me from 2004 on the PMOI/MEK ignores a bunch of history since
then.  PMOI is very much in cahoots with various right wing agencies and
elements in the intelligence area of the US government.  I have no use for
them and haven't since not long after that review, when they went full bore
with the neocons, pushing those in the organization who did not agree with
that plan out of the group.  I agree that the protests are more than just
outside agencies, but I will not jump on the "Oh it's a protest against the
government so it must be good" radicals who end up aligning themselves with
right wing fundamentalists and reactionary or imperialist regimes in the
name of a revolution that failed, like in Syria.  Doing so ignores the very
real role those regimes and their proxies play in destroying those
potential revolutions.  My understanding of Iran is that its revolution is
stalled and has been for decades.  In the meantime, it has established
itself as a relatively reasonable (and even moderate in terms of today's
reality) force in the region that opposes Israeli expansionism, Saudi
reaction and manipulation, and keeps the US at bay.  All this in spite of
very real threats from Washington, Tel Aviv and even Riyadh--all of whom
have declared their intention to end the current government in Tehran.

ron j


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