[Marxism] Iran a turning point?

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Mon Jan 1 14:12:50 MST 2018

"Are the protests in Iran a turning point in the global class struggle?

"They started on Thursday in Iran’s second largest city, Masshad around the
issues of high prices and unemployment. The very next day they had spread
throughout the country, including to Tehran. There is actually some
suspicion that the “hard liner” supporters of Ali Khameini were behind
these original protests in order to embarrass President Rouhani over the
deal he made with Obama. If so the whole thing certainly backfired, since
within 24 hours the issue had moved to include protests against the
clericals and against the Revolutionary Guard. There were also several
instances of crowds trying to invade government buildings, possibly to get
documents showing government corruption....

"Echo of Arab Spring
These protests, then, seem to be taking the path that the Arab Spring did,
especially in Egypt, where there was a series of strikes against
privatization for several years prior to the general uprising of 2011. And
that general uprising throughout the Arab world helped create a global mood
of revolt that included the Occupy movement."


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