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"By Behrouz Jalilian

In the past few days the protests, the rallies and the rebellion of  the
Iranian people, the people of the lower depths, has been gradually speeding
up. In the very short time of 3 days, protests from the major city of
Mashhad in north east, spread to  all major and big cities in Iran. In the
second and third day, almost 40 cities called  for protest, setting the
time and the place to start.

Popular slogans calling the government a thief or slogans which were
ultra-nationalist and anti-Arab, changed to more radical, politically aware
 slogans such as, “We have no jobs,” “Bread, shelter, freedom”, “Capitalist
Mullah, give us our money”, “Death to the dictator”, “Worker, teacher,
student, unite unite!”, “Free political prisoners”, “ Reformist,
Fundamentalist, this is the end of your story”,  and many more.

There have been protests, workers strikes, almost every day in last few
years in Iran.  But none of them could connect to each other to make a
general and massive popular uprising like now.

In the beginning of the current wave of protests,  and as usual, “the Left”
was behind, and very suspicious.  They thought this could be a conspiracy
of  the other side of the regime in opposition to the government.  But this
view was quickly replaced by wonder and astonishment at the speedy
radicalisation of the core of the movement. Now leftist trade unionists,
women, writers, university students are joining the protests and trying to
influence them politically...."

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