[Marxism] Iran and the different factions of the Iranian capitalist class

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*Iranian People Rise Again*
By Reza Fiyouzat

"The reader must understand that most of the non-state part of the economy
in Iran is based in the bazaar, the merchant class. Not
industrial-productive capital, but merchant capital has been dominating the
non-state and non-oil sector since the onset of the rule of theocracy. When
the merchant class is the hegemonic economic bloc, that means most capital
accumulation occurs through buying and selling, not through producing
commodities. As a result of this, more and more products are imported
(under full state monopoly) for as cheaply as possible and sold at profits
that can come faster than if the production process were to take place
internally with all its related costs and complications; including, most
importantly, labor conflicts and class struggle at the point of production
that such capitalist ventures would have to deal with....

"A basic feature of a rentier state, such as the one in Iran, is that,
depending on the character of the state, different layers and echelons of
the economically powerful attach themselves to the state. During the
Pahlavi dynasty, the state attracted the industrial capitalists, at the
expense of the mercantile classes, who were more attached to the clerical
classes. The founding father of the Pahlavi dynasty, Reza Shah, is known in
Iranian history as being particularly harsh on the religious establishment.
(His most egregious sin against the religious establishment was the
forceful banning of hijab for women.)

"So, the fact that here and there we have heard slogans in support of Reza
Shah does not shock me. People go by what they know from their own history.
If people see that the ruling mullahs are the most corrupt, the most
thuggish, the most brutal, the most miserly when it comes to helping the
most needy, and the most lascivious when it comes to sexual matters while
prescribing piousness to others — in short, when you are ruled by the most
oppressive and violently corrupt bunch of people, and you know from your
history that back a hundred years ago, Reza Shah was showing the clerical
classes the door, well, you can’t be blamed for thinking that that guy,
Reza Shah, had figured out something about the mullahs that Iranians should
have paid more attention to."


"No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them."
Assata Shakur
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