[Marxism] letting Iran's government off the hook by pointing to US sanctions

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 12:16:55 MST 2018

*from a Facebook friend -* Let’s clarify a few things. Sanctions did hurt
the Iranian economy. But wasn’t Cuba under economic blockade for decades?
Did they implement neoliberal policies? Did they force mandatory hijab on
women? Did they execute gays and prostitutes? Did they execute leftist
activists? Did they assassinate prominent dissident poets, or the leaders
of oppressed nationalities? How about Venezuelan leaders? Did they do all
these? Or Allende?

I am totally against a movement whose leaders are at the service of CIA or
the Saudis, or any right wing government in the world. But where is the
evidence! Why these Islamic Republic apologists have not shown us what
they’ve got? A tweet by Trump or couple of people chanting pro monarchy
slogans is not an evidence. What US has done to Cuba or Venezuela is not an
evidence. Nor is a few racist chants against Arabs. These show the weakness
and dangers that these sort of movements always face when there is no
experienced working class leadership. But what do you expect when a country
is under a theocratic leadership, and activists have been executed by
thousands. In my book people who started slandering these struggles from
day one have nothing in common with working people. These are the same type
of people who slandered Trotsky, Bukharin and all others as counter

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