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Fri Jan 5 14:56:37 MST 2018

Available from Cinema Libre Studios, “Trumping Democracy” provides the 
key to understanding how we have ended up with the most unpopular 
president in history. Despite the tsunami of reports about Russia 
meddling with the 2016 elections, this gripping documentary makes the 
case that it was instead the result of a combination of Robert Mercer’s 
funding and the computer-based Psyops his Cambridge Analytica firm 
exploited. This one-two punch produced a president that Gary Cohn 
described, according to Michael Wolff’s new bombshell book, Fire and 
Fury, as a “An idiot surrounded by clowns.”

Including the director Thomas Huchon, “Trumping Democracy” was the 
product of a creative team that despite (or, perhaps because of) its 
French provenance has a sharper focus on our national calamity than 
MSNBC, CNN and all the other usual suspects. Huchon’s last documentary 
“Conspi Hunter” was based on a bogus conspiracy theory about the CIA 
inventing the AIDS virus in order to subvert Cuba. He released the film 
online in order to show how quickly and easily conspiracy theories can 
go viral on the Internet. Given the role of Breitbart News and Infowars 
in the Trump campaign, it was logical that Huchon would make his latest 
film a kind of follow-up to “Conspi Hunter”.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2018/01/05/trumping-democracy/

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