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Some of these guys have been around for a long time.

Kevin MacDonald is probably the world's leading proponent of "scientific antisemitism." He was a longtime psychology professor at  California State University in Long Beach. 

Then there is the case of retired Berkeley professor  A. James Gregor,  who back in the '60's  wrote  *A Survey of Marxism: Problems in Philosophy and the Theory of History*  which was a reasonably competent survey exposition of Marxist thought with  particular emphasis on the intellectual development of Marx & Engels and on  Soviet philosophy. He also had some interesting things to say on the role  of Pavlov's psychology in Soviet Marxism-Leninism. The book cover's profile  of Gregor mentioned that he had published articles in Science & Society
 amongst other places which is curious given his far right associations. (He in fact during the same period also writing for Oswald Mosley's publication, The European). He  was also described as having served as a lecturer on Marxism for the Peace  Corps. Apparently this guy has always had interesting associations. On the  basis of a web search I learned that he is considered a leading revisionist  historian of Mussolini and Italian Fascism which he regards as having been  a genuinely revolutionary movement with a rigorous and compelling  intellectual foundation. Apparently for Gregor, old Benito wasn't such a  bad guy. Gregor is also the author of a number of academic studies of US  foreign policy in relation to such areas as China and Taiwan and Yugoslavia.

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Inside of the academy, many of these ideas flourished, so much so that 
when white nationalists took over the journal Population and 
Environment, few made headlines. From 1989 to 1999, the journal was 
edited by Virginia Abernethy, one of the most public white separatists 
in the country. Abernethy focused her career as a sociologist on 
"population politics," using coded language about "fertility rates" to 
argue for both the restriction of non-white populations and for white 
social control. She served on the board of the white nationalist 
American Freedom Party, serving as their vice-presidential candidate in 
the 2012 election. Her main political work seemed to be in Arizona 
working on the anti-immigration Proposition 200 with Protect Arizona Now.

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