[Marxism] Jim Anderton 1938-2018 - NZ's last social democrat?

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 00:37:06 MST 2018

On Sunday Jim Anderton died, just two weeks before his 80th birthday.
Anderton was the most significant social democrat in NZ politics in the
past 40 years.

My parents were personal friends of Anderton's as well as political
followers and activists in his movement.

I have a 'personal' view of Anderton - he was a kind and generlous
individual - and a 'political' one - he was an autocrat in whom was
reflected the contradictions of social democracy, leading eventually to him
betraying core principles whereas he had once stood firm in support of
certainb principles against all his fellow Labour MPs/gobshites and
departed the LP to found a significant new movement.


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