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Revolutionary History has two issues devoted to Iran. The articles are not
online yet but hard copies are available.

<https://www.marxists.org/history/etol/revhist/backissu.htm>Vol. 10 No. 3
*The Left in IRAN 1941–1957*

   - The foundation of the Tudeh Party of Iran in 1941
   - Moscow’s attempt to set up a pro-Soviet autonomous republic in Iranian
   Azerbaijan in 1945
   - The fake assassination attempt on the Shah and the ensuing banning of
   the Tudeh Party in 1949
   - The mass campaign to Nationalise the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company
   - The Tudeh Party’s hostility to Mohammed Mosaddeq and the
   national-democratic movement
   - The Tudeh Party’s failure to prevent the Anglo-American coup against
   Mosaddeq in 1953
   - The SAKA, an attempt to build a communist organisation based on
   workers’ councils
   - The ideas of Mostafa Sho’a’iyan, a maverick Iranian marxist
   - The continued influence of Stalinism upon the historiograhy of the
   Iranian Left
   - The course of the Iranian Left as reported in documents from the
   British, Soviet and US official archives

RH1002: The Left in IRAN, 1905-1940

[image: rh1002]

*Editor*: Cosroe Chaqueri

   - *Editorial*

*The Left in Iran, 1905–1940*

   - Cosroe Chaqueri, The Left in Iran, 1905–1940
   - Cosroe Chaqueri, Chronology of the Left in Iran, 1905–1940
   - Archavir Tchilinkirian, Constitutional Persia and Its Needs
   - Cosroe Chaqueri, Communism in Persia, 1920–1941
   - Cosroe Chaqueri, Taqi Arani and the Comintern: The Revolutionary
   Republican Party of Persia: The ICP’s ‘Surrogate’ or its Alternative
   - Reginald Bridgman, The Rise of Persia


   - Social-Democrats’ Declaration on the Occasion of the Grant of the
   Constitution by the Shah, August 1906)
   - Social-Democratic Manifesto, 1908
   - Archavir Tchilinkirian to Karl Kautsky, July 1908
   - Karl Kautsky to Archavir Tchilinkirian, August 1908
   - Protocol No. 1 of the Social-Democratic Conference, October 1908
   - Vasso A. Khachaturian to Georgi V. Plekhanov, November 1908
   - Tigran Derviche to Georgi V. Plekhanov, December 1908
   - The Awakening of Asia: An Appeal of the Persian People Regarding the
   Loan Project, 1909
   - T. Tria, The Caucasus and the Persian Revolution, February 1911
   - Appeal of Iranian Social Democrats to the International Proletariat,
   August 1911
   - Jean Longuet, A Great Meeting for Persia, December 1911
   - Avetis Sultanzade, Perspective of Socialist Revolution in the East:
   Thesis, March 1920
   - The First Congress of the Iranian Communist Party, June 1920
   - Jangali Declarations, June 1920
   - The Revolutionary Committee of Persia: Proclamation Addressed to Our
   Deceived Jangali and Cossack Brothers, August 1920
   - Pro-Communist Jangalis Last Attempt to Obtain Assistance from Soviet
   Russia, December 1920
   - Negotiations by Ekhsan-allah Khan’s Government with Kuchek Khan,
   February–March 1921
   - Theodor Rothstein to Nariman Narimanov, March 1921
   - Theodor Rothstein to Georgi Chicherin, July 1921
   - Programme of the Ranjbaran (Workmen’s) Party, 1921
   - Proclamation of the Revival of the Republic with the Second Central
   Committee of the Iranian Communist Party, August 1921
   - Report by the Central Committee of the ICP to the ECCI (Extracts),
   December 1921
   - A British Report on the Persian Party Kaunik (Communist), October 1922
   - The Ishtamayun (Ijtima‛iyoun/Socialist) Party in Tehran, January 1923
   - A Buried Interview: Persia: An English Semi-Colony, February 1927
   - Brief Report on the Proceedings of the Second Congress of the ICP,
   October 1927
   - Sultanadze’s Request for Transfer to the Comintern, November 1927
   - Address of the Iranian Communist Party to the Toilers of Iran, 1928
   - Action Programme of the Iranian Communist Party, 1929
   - The Anti-Socialist Law, June 1931
   - Reginald Bridgman, Persia and British Labour, July 1931
   - Sultanadze’s Letter of Resignation

*Documents with Specific Reference to Britain*

   - Taghi-Zada and Moazid-Es-Saltana, Persia’s Appeal to England
   - The Persia Committee, Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907
   - Maxim Gorki, The Persia Committee
   - Persia, Finland and the Russian Alliance
   - K. Malik, Grabbing Persia
   - F.L. Kerran, From Brixton Jail to Enzeli
   - The British and the Reds at Enzeli
   - George Horwill, Oil and Finance

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