[Marxism] Fwd: The Death Cult of Trumpism | The Nation

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Thu Jan 11 12:09:04 MST 2018

By Greg Grandin:

But to get back to Trump’s psychic deregulation and Obama’s 
overregulation: Both are responses to what came before. Why now? Because 
the frontier is closed, the safety valve shut. Whatever metaphor one 
wants to use, the ongoing effects of the ruinous 2003 war in Iraq and 
the 2007–08 financial meltdown are just two indicators that the promise 
of endless growth can no longer help organize people’s aspirations, 
satisfy their demands, dilute the passions, contain the factions, or 
repress the extremes at the margins. We are entering the second “lost 
decade” of what Larry Summers calls “secular stagnation,” and soon we’ll 
be in the third decade of a war that Senator Lindsey Graham, among 
others, says will never end. Beyond these compounded catastrophes, there 
is a realization that the world is fragile and that we are trapped in an 
economic system that is well past sustainable or justifiable. As vast 
stretches of the West burn, as millions of trees die from 
global-warming-induced blight, as Houston and Puerto Rico flood, the 
oceans acidify, and bats and flying insects disappear in uncountable 
numbers, any given sentence from Cormac McCarthy’s The Road could be 
plucked and used as a newspaper headline. (“A Vast Landscape Charred, 
and a Sky Full of Soot” ran the headline for a New York Times report on 
California’s wildfires.)

full: https://www.thenation.com/article/the-death-cult-of-trumpism/

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