[Marxism] Fwd: The Rise of the Leninist Right

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jan 14 07:07:14 MST 2018

(A really nutty article by a Turkish sociologist at Berkeley that echoes 
Walter Benn Michaels and Adolph Reed's hostility to "divisive" social 
movements. In many ways, it is the same crap heard from the CPUSA in the 
mid 60s that blamed Malcolm X for "dividing the working class". It is 
also the same thing heard from Columbia professor Mark Lilla who yearns 
for a new New Deal that will push "identity politics" to the side. I 
find all of this deeply conservative.)

What was left-liberalism’s project? Although global in its causes and 
manifestations, left-liberalism found its purest expressions in the 
United States and Britain. The catchword was inclusion, which came to 
replace equality. Inspired by sociologists such as Anthony Giddens, the 
new Anglophone center (New Labor and Clintonism) focused on including 
more people at the table. Over three decades, inclusion increased in 
terms of race, gender, and sexual orientation — but the table itself 
shrank. So yes, Black and Latino men and women, even Muslims, got 
prominent positions at institutions they could previously hardly dream 
of; but the Black and Latino prison population in the US increased, as 
did the number of Muslims bombed, embargoed and starved by the United 

full: http://isa-global-dialogue.net/the-rise-of-the-leninist-right/

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