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Sun Jan 14 13:18:42 MST 2018

Paul Pines’s “Trolling with the Fisher King: Reimagining the Wound” is a 
work of staggering erudition and deep spiritual insights. This twilight 
memoir incorporates a lifetime of engagement with a wide variety of 
thought and deeds. Terrence’s words kept occurring to me as I read it: 
“I am human, and I think nothing that is human is alien to me.” Paul (I 
will use his first name since he is a friend as well as a writer under 
purview) weaves together as if orchestrated by a master conductor:

The legend of Parsifal, and particularly the version known as Parzival 
written by Wolfram von Eschenbach over 700 years ago, informs this book. 
The eponymous Fisher King is Anfortas, who was charged with the duty of 
preserving the Holy Grail. Known also as the wounded king for a wound in 
his groin that defied a cure, he became a symbol of the damaged psyche 
of a humanity taking many forms for Paul, including the post-traumatic 
stress of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2018/01/14/trolling-with-the-fisher-king/

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