[Marxism] Ireland: 1916 Rising Cmdt-General Sean McLoughlin on how the Republicans could win the Civil War

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On the Friday evening, as the 1916 Easter Rising which had begun on the
Monday morning was drawing to a close, 21-year-old Sean McLoughlin had so
impressed James Connolly and other leaders that he was appointed overall
military commander.  This was done due to the incapacitation of the
badly-wounded Connolly, the original commandant-general of all the
insurrectionary forces.  McLoughlin then led the break-out from the GPO and
into Moore Street.

Below is an article that Sean McLoughlin wrote shortly after the civil war
broke out in June 1922.  Along with Roddy Connolly and others, he had set
up the shortlived very first Communist Party of Ireland and the article was
published in the August 19th issue of their paper, The Workers Republic
(named after James Connolly’s pre-1916 paper).

In the original, the second section (“Free State Methods”) was one huge
paragraph.  I have broken this up into several; this is the only editing –
I decided, for instance, not to change his use and non-use of commas and
the bold, upper case subheads are as in the original.

This is the first of several of his articles which I will be getting up
here, although I am also busy typing up more articles from the 1840s by
Fintan Lalor, a project which got stalled for some time unfortunately.

The text here is taken from Charlie McGuire’s excellent bio of Sean
McLoughlin – I thoroughly recommend this to all republicans, especially
socialist-republicans.  Buy it!  Read it!  If you can’t afford it, get your
library to buy a copy.

Social Programme for Republicans
by Sean McLoughlin


Since the beginning of the present struggle against the forces of the Free
State the Irish Republican Army in the field has been able to withstand all
the attacks of its enemies, and at the present moment occupies a favourable
position from a military point of view.  The positions held are being
strengthened, supplies are good, and most important of all, the morale of
the Army is splendid.  Yet these things while being fine achievements do
not necessarily spell victory for the Republican forces.

In order to carry the war to a successful issue, it is essential that the
Republican authorities. . .

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