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While the source of these two blogs - appear the same single person - and a very questionable source "radical vagabound"

(what leftist would use Manhattan skylines of corporate buildings as their central images - and there being two different

people identifying with such doing that and not the obvious same person - how likely is that either?)

Sadly there are ample examples in recent times of people who "identify" as leftists, with no regards for Gays or Women,

who made alliance with right wing religious fanatics, such as the stalinists with Khoemeni in Iran in 1979 and those

who liked Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda "fighting U. S. imperialsm" and the Sparts fond expressions for ISIS  - and of

those apologists for the Castro Regime allowance of the Roman Catholic Church entities in that nation. but not for

independent LGBT or Women groups and I remember the defeaning silence by U. S. leftists when Sojourners hostility

to Gay people and silence with Eldridge Cleaver's book Soul on Ice and the ISC supporting Cleaver as the Peace &

Freedom Party presidential candidate, etc., etc.

Opportunism and Tailism - are not new, but sadly efforts to make alliances with right wing sexists and homophobes are

fairly common by those whose "priorities" are always tactical and never principled, regarding sexual politics and rights.

The same sad unprincipled previous history of much of the U. S. left, was the case regarding the white racists labor

union members in the 19th and 20th Centuries against People of Color.

I personally witnessed people who identifythemselves as "leftists" who in 2003 and since wanted to "work with"  John

Birchers (antiwar.com) and Larouchites (911 Conspiracy).   We see that with those who identify as "leftists and liberals"

who support U. S. CongresswomanTulsi Gabbard - who was long associated with a sexist/homophobic Hindu cult group.

Principles/Values often are not first or have any concerns for opportunists.   I remember only a few years ago some on this

List, who were complaining about Peter Thatchell (and myself) as Gay activists, then "openly" condemning the Iran government

led by the "Supreme Leader" and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - as  our objectively supporting U. S. imperialism.  Some of same

who support known right wing jihadists groups in Syria, who claimed they were "revolutionaries"?   So lots of examples of

Red and Brown Coalition concepts - too many and all bad for non-hetero males.

When some people are more important and "with more social weight" as the Barnes Cult led SWP described it in 1974.

Now this same cult has in their current newspaper issue - rejoiced on the right wing Bundy family land owners being found

"not guilty" as armed terrorists.  Another current example of a Red and Brown Alliance Concept too?

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The temptation to enter into  red-brown alliances is one that has long existed and certainly a phenomenon that long precedes the period described in the article that Louis linked to. Marx & Engels warned against that sort of thing back in 1848 in the Manifesto, and they went through the experience of seeing their erstwhile comrade, Ferdinand Lassalle's attempt to form an alliance with Otto von Bismarck.

An exhaustive treatment of National Bolshevism, Larouche, Chossoduvsky,
et al.


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