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Tue Jan 16 16:37:54 MST 2018

Deriving its title from the main character, “Félicité” is about the joys 
and sorrows of Kinshasa from the viewpoint of the lead character who is 
a vocalist in a rough-around-the-edges but cookin’ band. The film begins 
with her performing before a well-lubricated audience in a nightclub 
that is even rougher around the edges. Among the people enjoying 
themselves, and in this case over-enjoying himself, is a drunken bear of 
a man named Tabu who becomes the fortyish, full-figured Félicité’s love 
interest after coming to repair her broken-down refrigerator that like 
everything else in this film looks second-hand.

Like one of Bertolt Brecht’s powerful female characters, Félicité is a 
woman who won’t take no for an answer. After waking up the next day from 
her gig, she receives a call from a local hospital informing her that 
her son has been severely injured in a motorcycle spill. Within moments, 
she learns that it will cost one million Congolese francs to save her 
son from losing a leg if not his life. This is only $630 but for the 
singer, who relies mostly on tips to survive, it might as well be a 
million dollars.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2018/01/16/felicite-the-insult/

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