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David McDonald davidbyrnemcdonaldiii at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 08:48:00 MST 2018

This is an excellent article. It is replete with links to almost everything

As far as I am aware, the information is accurate. The only exception I
found is that the author says Abdul Aziz, the anarchist inspirer of much of
the early community organizing of the Syrian Revolution, was killed by the
regime. The information I have from several sources is that Aziz died in
custody. This is really minor.

What is missing is treatment of the Trotskyist organizations. In a sense,
it's no surprise that Stalinists, for instance, would become supporters and
defenders of Assad: it's in their DNA, so to speak, not to worry about
breaking eggs when making omelets. Less understood in general is the
collapse of some major Trotskyist organizations, like Socialist Action on
this issue. Additionally, there is no discussion of Veterans for Peace, the
Fellowship of Reconciliation or other non-party formerly peace
organizations that have become Assadist, even though they are important in
transmitting pro-Assad politics. To put the question another way: how is it
that WWP/PSL and Socialist Action have become hegemonic in the former peace
movement. I'm sure everyone here remembers the fierce battles in 2002-2003
over the politics of the peace movement that left us with two major
coalitions, ANSWER and UfPJ, that were able to unite only once, on February
15, 2003.

This is not just an American situation. The Stop the War Coalition in the
UK, led by the SWP and with heavy input from the Labour Party (having
formerly been chaired by Corbyn), is wholly Assadist.

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