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Thu Jan 18 23:37:58 MST 2018

Sean McLaughlin, a Dublin proletarian, was named comdt-general of the
republican forces in the Easter Rising in Dublin 1916, towards the end of
the week and with james Connolly beng incapacitated by his wounds.
McLoughlin went on to work with Roddy Connolly and help found the first -
and shortlived - original Communist Party in Ireland.  He opposed the 1921
Treaty and fought on the anti-Treaty side during the civil war.  This is an
article he wrote at the opening of the civil war, arguing bhow republicans
could win:

The text of a conversation between me and another ex-Sinn Fein member about
Sinn Fein today in the context of southern Irish politics:

A short video from the recent launch of Mick Ryan's book, "My Life in the
IRA".  The book is primarily about the 1956-62 border campaign.  In the
1969 split between the Officials and the Provisionals, he sided with the


The New Year 2018 Statement by the Irish socialist-republican current

Contents outline of a 1995 PhD thesis done in the USA on the IRA's WW2
bombing campaign in Britain:


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