[Marxism] Fwd: A House is Not a Hole: (Not) Caring about What Trump Says

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jan 19 06:07:19 MST 2018

(David Roediger roaming far afield.)

I made it through life as a cultural studies scholar without seeing even 
one moment of Trump’s television hit The Apprentice but I did see, 
completely by happenstance, a Trump visit to shock radio personality 
Howard Stern’s long ago TV show. The episode goes back 15 years, to when 
Melania was Trump’s girlfriend, not wife. It was so bizarre that I kept 
awaiting its appearance during the campaign. It is now on the internet 
and you can check my memory, and perhaps your incredulity, for 90 seconds.

Trump puzzles Stern in the clip by saying how amazing it is that they 
both have partners who do not do “anything, like, bad.” The latter 
somehow thinks Trump means lesbianism but it turns out that the future 
U.S. president is recalling prior conversations in which Stern claimed 
his partner had never farted and only would “make a doody” annually. 
Trump proudly announces that this “applies to Melania” as well. The two 
then carry on at length about the “whiffs” of Trump’s ex-wives and the 
wonderful bowel control of their current women. Perhaps, they conclude, 
their partners save it up for after marriage.


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