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Sun Jan 21 14:14:06 MST 2018

n my last post, I referred to Rick Alverson’s “Entertainment”, an 
exceptionally important film distributed by Magnolia that I discovered 
going through my 2015 backlog. Now working my way systematically through 
the 2016 Magnolia DVD’s, I have happened upon another jewel that should 
be of particular interest to Marxists, namely “Sunset Song”. The film 
was based on a 1932 novel by Lewis Grassic Gibbon that reflected his 
socialist beliefs. It is the story of a Scottish farming family that 
begins in 1890 or so and that culminates in the impact WWI has on Chris 
Guthrie, the sole surviving member of that family working their land. 
Despite the name, Chris is a woman who always corrects people when they 
refer to her as Chrissie. She says, “Call me Chris. I am not from the 

This deeply moving film was directed by Terence Davies, who like Rick 
Alverson was unfamiliar to me. As will likely be the case with Alverson, 
“Sunset Song” will likely lead me to a survey of his work. Born in 1945 
and still going strong, Davies was the youngest of ten children of 
working-class Catholic parents who broke with his religion. He is also a 
gay man who explored the gay experience in a number of films that number 
only seven in a long career, the explanation for which is that he 
refuses to compromise. Thank god.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2018/01/21/sunset-world/

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