[Marxism] Tony Norfield on Wollf on Trump

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 21 18:03:44 MST 2018

This book is fun to read and a best seller. Everyone loves a gossipy book
about someone they dislike. Fluently written, although not well written, it
is built mainly on interviews with those in and around the Trump White
House. Wolff takes us through the plots and screw-ups of this
double-dealing menagerie with relish.

Much of what the book says will not be new to those following The Donald.
Probably the most striking new point Wolff makes is that part of the reason
for the political and administrative chaos is that Trump was not expecting
to win the presidential election and become POTUS #45. The insiders on Team
Trump were perfectly happy to lose, as long as the margin was not too big.
Up to the last minute that was what they were betting on. Losing like that
would have been a ‘victory’, especially because it would do wonders for the
Trump family brand name. Winning for real would carry the risk of a closer
examination of the Trump family’s finances and put all their schemes in the
public spotlight.

However, Wolff’s journalistic approach does not get to grips with some
fundamental issues. . .

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