[Marxism] Fwd: The Minimal Socialist State Versus Bloated Capitalism – Cold and dark stars

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jan 22 05:54:06 MST 2018

Perhaps one of the largest, propagandistic triumphs of capitalism is to 
equate socialism as inefficient, bureaucratic bloat. In contrast, 
capitalism is portrayed as a lean, efficient system. Many argue that the 
market, instead of depending on a slow moving, centralized bureaucracy 
to produce and allocate the necessary goods, automatically balances 
supply and demand, with the price signal as the carrier of information 
on how to produce and distribute commodities. However, I believe that 
socialism, at least the version exposed by Marx, would be a free society 
with a very lean and bare-bones administrative apparatus (a minimal 
state). For socialism to be a qualitatively different stage of history 
than previous class societies, social structures need to be dictated by 
free time as opposed to the imperatives of slavery, survival and toil. 
In other words, the time outside the activities necessary for the 
survival of the human species, must dominate the course of history. This 
freeing of human life from drudgery and misery requires a lean apparatus 
that curtails all the extra socially wasteful industries and 
infrastructures in order to progressively reduce the length of the work 
day until the eventual abolition of toil. In short, the socialist state 
must be minimal. First, I will expose the arguments that portray 
socialism as bloated and inefficient, then I will argue why instead, 
capitalism is wasteful and swollen, and then I will sketch some of the 
key attributes of this minimal socialist state.


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