[Marxism] Northern Syria: Massive ethnic cleansing, humanitarian catastrophe, foreign intervention and betrayal

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Mon Jan 22 12:54:43 MST 2018

"The most progressive force in the Middle East" has acted under US 
command in the last years. No one can deny this. The SDF/YPG is proud of 
this. And the Pentagon also stressed it many times! While I am typing 
these lines, US General Votel is visiting Raqqa and confirms his support 
for the SDF/YPG. 
(https://twitter.com/DefenseBaron/status/955523447479853061) Of course, 
for Washington the SDF/YPG are only useful idiots whom they will sell 
sooner or later for a deal with a more potent ally. But it is difficult 
to understand how any progressive person can praise these merchants of 
US imperialism!

Am 22.01.2018 um 20:38 schrieb Nick Fredman via Marxism:
> The most progressive force in the Middle East

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