[Marxism] Northern Syria: Massive ethnic cleansing, humanitarian catastrophe, foreign intervention and betrayal

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Nick I'll pass for now on "the most progressive force in the Middle East
"etc, just to note that you're so Rojava-centric that you assume the
massive ethnic cleansing is about the YPG's uprooting of some Arab
comminities a few years ago. Read the article Nick. It was referring to the
expulsion of 200,000 people from their homes in Idlib by Assad/Russia RIGHT
NOW,  a fsr more massive catastrophe than what is befalking Afrin,  yet one
that GLW couldn't give a toss about,  so spare me your lessons about
solidarity comrade.

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> On 1/22/18 2:38 PM, Nick Fredman via Marxism wrote:
>> And apparently by you. The most progressive force in the Middle East is
>> under existential threat and the solidarity you got is “whatever, they had
>> it coming”. That’s peace and out from me.
> Maybe it was a mistake for Green Left to publish an article that accused
> the FSA of being led by warlords and bandits at a time when Assad was
> trying to annihilate it. That does not encourage the kind of solidarity you
> are expecting now.
> 13 years ago I wrote an article about the Kurds that alluded to some
> deeply engrained weaknesses of a movement whose overall goal is laudable:
> The most striking example of Kurdish fecklessness, however, occurred in
> the 1960s and '70s when they aligned themselves with Zionism, the Shah of
> Iran, and US imperialism against Arab nationalism in general and Iraq
> particularly.
> Jonathan C. Randal, a veteran Washington Post reporter strongly committed
> to the Kurdish struggle, quotes a Mossad veteran: "Put a Kurd atop a
> mountain with a rifle, pita bread, and onions and he'll stop a whole column
> of troops for you." (6) The support that Kurdish fighters received from
> Israel paled in comparison from that originating from Tehran. Using bases
> in Iran, Barzani's fighters launched bloody attacks on northern Iraqi
> cities.
> But ultimately it was the United States that played the Kurdish card.
> During the course of Pike Committee investigations into covert spying, it
> was revealed that the Kurds received funding and logistical support from
> the CIA between 1972 and 1975. Notwithstanding Barzani's foolish illusions
> in the United States, a 1974 CIA memo revealed his benefactor's true
> intentions: "Iran, like ourselves, has seen benefit in a stalemate
> situation, in which Iraq is intrinsically weakened by the Kurds' refusal to
> relinquish semi-autonomy. Neither Iran nor ourselves wish to see the matter
> resolved one way or the other." (7)
> Unfortunately, the Kurds failed to anticipate the Shah's openness to
> diplomatic maneuvers that would leave them out in the cold. In 1976 the
> Shah and Saddam Hussein cut a deal in Algiers that would throw the Kurds to
> the wolves. The March 15, 1975 Economist reported:
>         Within 24 hours of the Algiers ceremonies, Iraqi tanks and
> infantry launched an offensive from the west that soon had the Kurds in
> retreat from the strategic mountain barriers beyond Rawandiz that they have
> held since the early autumn in the face of successive Iraqi attacks. By the
> time the ceasefire came into effect on Thursday the Iraqis commanded the
> Kurds' main supply route, and Choman itself, the official Kurdish
> headquarters, was exposed to direct artillery fire by the fall of Mount
> Zuzak. Iraqi troops had also made substantial gains in thrusts into
> Kurdistan from the south and the north. The explanation of their sudden
> success is that, on the morning when the Iraqis began their offensive, the
> Iranians pulled out their heavy artillery and anti-tank weapons. They also
> closed the border to all fresh supplies of ammunition to the Kurds, who
> were running badly short by midweek.
> full: http://www.swans.com/library/art10/iraq/proyect.html
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