[Marxism] On being busy

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 00:39:56 MST 2018

I am currently reincarnated as a historian. 

It is demanding but very very interesting work.  I will when it is all over put down some thoughts about performing the role of historian.

But for the moment I would just like to say something more extended than the tweet format persists.

I am talking myself into the excitement I felt before the Arab Spring was unleashed. My focus is the UK though something could happen somewhere else that would put Corbynism in the shade.  But for the moment my attention is with Momentum and Novara Media & Paul Mason and Liam Young and the Artist Taxi Driver.  

I have latched unto the idea of crisis and critique and the mutuality of the relationship and the notion of a saddle time.  These concepts all come from the philosopher of history Reinhart Koselleck, though I could not honestly describe myself as a thorough student of his work.

But what I see at the moment in the UK is the hapless Tory Party drowning in a flood of critique. They are being battered into submission and self destruction.  The collapse of the Giant PFI company Carillion just adds another wave to the flood.

What has me muttering like a fool is the realisation that Keynesians such as the Guardian Editor Larry Elliott is worried that we will turn our backs totally on the notion of a role for private finance and end up nationalising everything.

When Keynesians are panicking I feel that real change is in the air. Bring it on I say.  We will emerge from this saddle time different.  I know it. Socialism now!  And everywhere.



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