[Marxism] Fwd: How Democrats Lost Their Spine | Time

Carl G. Estabrook galliher at illinois.edu
Tue Jan 23 05:39:48 MST 2018

The Congressional Democrats posturing around the 'Dreamers' and government shutdown are running a zombie Clinton campaign.

After 40 years of growing and accelerating inequality in America, the HRC campaign tried to build a majority by pretending that social distress was the result of discrimination.

Trump, almost by accident, expressed the real cause: exploitation. He was the first major party presidential candidate to to attack - however incoherently - the neoliberal (and neocon) policies that characterized all administrations from Carter's on.

How right he was, is demonstrated by the furious reaction of the political establishment - which has had the effect of insuring that the Trump administration continues the neolib and neocon policies of the previous administration (more war and more inequality) - not by defending those polices openly (which would court 'populist' opposition) but by furiously attacking his character (to the extent of the Russiagate/'Putin's puppet' fantasy).

With the Dreamers, the Democrats have found a small aggrieved group whose (real) grievances they can champion, while they cooperate with the Republicans in support of widespread exploitative policies - flat wages and the lack of social supports (healthcare, education, etc.) taken for granted in other countries.


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