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John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 13:18:50 MST 2018

In the first place, the Democrats did not "lose their spine". They simply
represent their class - the capitalist class. The fact that they
historically have done so in a different way from the Republicans - by
drawing in potential independent forces, especially working class forces -
doesn't change this in the slightest.

In the second place, I think this study makes the classic mistake of
assuming that association means causality. In other words, just because a
handful of mid-Western states suffered an unusually high rate of casualties
in recent and ongoing wars and that these states voted for Trump doesn't
mean that the one caused the other. I think there is a much more likely

Because of the drying up of industrial jobs, these states have suffered a
high rate of unemployment and poverty. This has been the cause of higher
enlistment rates in the US military as well as the cause (in a twisted way)
of the vote for Trump. I'd propose an associated factor: The destruction of
the industrial working class has had a disastrous effect on the
consciousness of those former industrial workers and their families. It's
been a process similar to the destruction of the coal mining industry in
Britain, which destruction decimated the class consciousness and led to the
Brexit vote.

John Reimann

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