[Marxism] Solidarity with Afrin, al-Ghouta, Idlib Against All Military Attacks

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Wed Jan 24 04:34:48 MST 2018

>From the Alliance of Middle East Socialists:

We, the Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists oppose the various military
attacks on Afrin, Idlib and Eastern Ghouta  and support all the innocent
civilians in Syria. . . There has been a consensus between all the
international and regional powers on the necessity to liquidate the
revolutionary popular movements initiated in Syria in March of 2011 . . .

Solidarity with Afrin against Turkish military intervention

Since January 20, 2018, Turkish military assisted by pro-Turkish Syrian
opposition militia groups have launched a large scale air and ground
offensive, dubbed « Operation Olive Branch » on Afrin province located in
northwest  Syria with a Kurdish majority population and controlled by the
Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its People’s Protection Units (YPG).  At
least 30 civilians  have been killed since the beginning of the operation.

Afrin has welcomed many Internaly Displaced Persons from other regions of
the country which has led to a doubing of its population to 400,000 and
500,000, because it was relatively spared from the war and agressions of
the Assad’s regime forces.

This attack comes after months of tensions and agression by the Turkish
military against Afrin. The Turkish army used as a pretext, an announcement
by a military spokesman for the US-led global coalition against the Islamic
State (IS) to build a 30,000-strong border force under the command of
Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) led by People’s Protection Units (YPG).
   In Ankara’s opinion, the US decision meant that  the US-YPG partnership
would not end with the collapse of the IS, as the Turkish government had

Read entire statement here:
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