[Marxism] Have we turned the corner?

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Wed Jan 24 10:38:26 MST 2018

'A review of the last few decades shows the following trends:

In the late 1990s and first year-and-a-half of the new century, there was
an increasing movement against neoliberal policies. This movement focused
on the World Trade Organization and originated among the youth, but in the
last few years increasing numbers of workers were drawn into it.
9/11/2001 brought this to a screeching halt and there followed a period of
reaction not only in the US but globally. This included not only invasions
and war, but also unrelenting attacks on the working class and their
organizations, especially the unions.
The economic crisis, which started in 2007-08, seems to have shaken things
up once again. Shortly following that crisis, we had the Arab Spring, the
Occupy movement in the US, a renewed movement of the miners and also
agricultural workers in South Africa, a massive strike wave in China, and
the election of Syriza in Greece (2015).
None of these movements clearly found a way forward, and some – such as the
Syrian revolution – were outright defeated, at least for now. This led to a
period of division and reaction. This period was marked by the rise of far
right, racist chauvinist parties throughout Europe, the Brexit vote in
Britain, the election of Trump in the US, and the rise of Islamic
sectarianism and division. One of the most disastrous of these has been the
assault on the Rohingya in Myanmar (Burma).

'So the question is whether a new wave of the movement against capitalism
is now starting. Has the period of reaction run its course? And if so, what
direction will this new wave take?'


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