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"Turkey has been a leading international partner of Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI), one of the world’s biggest arms fair, since 2003. The role of Turkey in the world arm industry peaked when Kurdish civilians were being massacred during military operations in Kurdish populated eastern cities in 2015. In that very same year, while curfews were being administrated by the Turkish Armed Forces in the east, Turkey sent a large delegation to the DSEI fair. Turkey’s weapons maker Roketsan – a component of the Turkish Armed Forces – signed a contract with Lockheed Martin, the largest arms company in the world, to develop a new F-35 fighter jet missile for the United States armed forces.

“During those times, Turkey’s armoury was non-domestic and non-national. President Erdogan insisted that this ought to be overcome, and made explicit his goal “to completely rid the defence industry of foreign dependency by 2023". This was also publicly announced in the media to motivate his supporters who could, in turn, help him gain more power against ‘foreign enemies’ as well as the so-called Kurdish ‘threats’ inside the country. But to be able to do that, Turkey would need to increase its capacity on arms exports, rather than arms imports.

"Since then, Turkey and Turkish-owned arms company Nurol have gone into partnership with British-owned defence giant BAE Systems to develop a new generation of fighter jets.

"During the negotiations, Turkey vehemently insisted on a maximum technology transfer, with full access to all source codes which would enable Ankara to make future modifications and upgrades on the aircraft. The Turkish government also demanded that only Turkish engineers and scientists be employed in aerodynamic design, body and engine production. Turkey even insisted on having access to all electronic, weapons and communications systems and if that wasn’t enough, they demanded a monopoly over flight tests as well.

"Despite the objections of the DSEI, Turkey achieved its requests, evidenced by the Turkish engineers and scientists who directly work on these weapons projects. Thus, the state-funded arms companies in Turkey have developed their own high technology war industry. Turkey is now on its way to producing its own planes, ships, tanks and now armed drones, usually in partnership with some of the world’s leading military companies.


"Every missile fired by Turkish Armed Forces and every tear gas capsule fired by Turkish police provide cash for Erdogan’s family and close supporters."

http://theregion.org/article/12608-who-profits-from-the-war-in-afrin <http://theregion.org/article/12608-who-profits-from-the-war-in-afrin>

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