[Marxism] The guilty soul of Pope Francis

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 18:26:44 MST 2018

Ariel Dorfman <http://www.nybooks.com/contributors/ariel-dorfman/>

In an op-ed I wrote for *The New York Times*
appeared just before the papal visit, I argued that, for Chileans, the way
in which Francis handled this case would be a critical test of whether he
could restore the prestige of the disgraced local Church, so wounded by
these scandals, to the noble place it had held in public sympathy for
decades because of its brave opposition to the military dictatorship of
General Augusto Pinochet (1973–1990). Pope Francis failed that test.

It seems probable, then, that the pope saw in Barros a reflection of his
own experience: someone who believes he has been falsely indicted, but is
unable to clear his name, who feels he has been a target of malicious
left-wing and anticlerical activists determined to stain the reputation of
an innocent man. It would be tragic, but all too human, if this were the
explanation for Francis’s offensive and counter-productive defense of


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