[Marxism] MLK's Radical Final Years: Isolated after taking on Capitalism and Vietnam War

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 20:26:56 MST 2018

PETER KUNHARDT*:* We came up with the title of *King in the Wilderness* late
in the editing of the film. And it was based on the fact that we were
overcome by the fact that King was struggling in every possible way during
those last three years, trying to find his way as he branched away, or in
addition to his work on racism, to work on poverty, to work on moving his
movement north to the Northern cities and to oppose the war in Vietnam. And
as he did this, his support that he had enjoyed all during the early part
of the civil rights movement vanished. And he was left with no roadmap. He
felt his friends abandoned him. And he was alone and struggling and trying
to find his way. And we just felt that the title captured that kind of
loneliness that he experienced.


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